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Christmas donation report

Via Joyce Morgan and Andrea Hicks, PLS:

Andrea Hicks and I went to Kevin Orr’s Office (Treasurer of Craighead County Bar Assoc.) and picked up their check in the amount of $500, then deposited into our NEALSP account, and took a trip to Target to do some major shopping for the Women’s Crisis Center! We picked up a large very nice microwave, food processor, large toaster, hand mixer, nice set of pots and pans, and ten child dinnerware sets for a total amount of $502.03. The microwave we had picked out was more medium sized and we thought was $100, but it rang up as $140. A very nice man, William Holmes, helped us and when he found out what we were there for, he told us about microwaves on clearance, went back there himself and brought us a large really nice microwave on sale for $104, which us left us with $20 more to spend, so he helped us do more shopping and carried all of the merchandise out for us and loaded it into the car! Andrea and I knew right away, William was definitely a “God-thing!”

Right as we pulled away, torrential rains poured! Andrea said a quick prayer asking God to stop the rains for us so we would be able to unload and carry everything in. By the time we arrived, yep, the rains had stopped! GOD IS SO GOOD!

We also delivered the spiral honey smoked Holiday Ham purchased by NEALSP to them as well!

Leslie with the Women’s Crisis Center was very appreciative of the donations!


Joyce & Andrea

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