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NALS Engage5

Engage5smallVia Kara Whitehead: I wanted to share some exciting news with everyone about our very own Super Star…Mimi Jumper J  She has been recognized by NALS as a “Super Star” for recruiting 5 new members in the Engage5 Membership Campaign.  Mimi has been invited to attend the NALS PD Recognition Luncheon where she will be among three superstars that will be recognized.  Mimi will also be featured in an article in the March Docket.  Her name will be listed among the elite group of  “Super Stars” in the Engage5 Campaign!

This is no surprise to most of us as Mimi has been a great leader for NEALSP this year and will be an incredible leader for AALS in a few months.  NEALSP has had a great year with our membership growing to over 30 members!

We are so proud of you, Mimi!!

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