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From President Joyce Morgan:

The NEALSP EC met yesterday and proposed the following:


*  We are asking all members to bring non-perishable food items to the business meeting for donation to the NEA Women’s Food Shelter.  We will also be purchasing a $100 Kroger Gift Card to donate to them as well.

*  Below you will see photos of an Operation Christmas Child Samaritan Shoebox.  We are sending one out on behalf of NEALSP.  I purchased a Operation Christmas Child Kit for $10 at Lifeway Bookstore last night for a 5-9 year old boy.  We will be enclosing a $7.00 check for postage.


Originally, I was told the box was due the first weekend before Thanksgiving, so I was going to ask you to bring items to the meeting, but just learned they moved it up to THIS FRIDAY, so if you’d like to bring additional small items to send, please bring to the courthouse to the 4th floor TCAs or place in my courthouse dropbox by Friday please.  Our box is almost full and can’t accommodate very large items.




* As you know, we are having a luncheon, and I trust you’ve all been thinking about what you’d like to bring.  Please email me to let me know what side dish you will bring.  Please be sure to bring your dish ready to serve with appropriate serving dish/tray/spoon/tongs/warmers, etc.  If you bring a hot dish, but have no way to keep it warm, please advise and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.  We will need extra extension cords/power strips as well (please label with your name).

We proposed that NEALSP purchase 2/3 turkeys from Sam’s that I will cook and have sliced up to bring.  Here’s the big question.  Chef’s In takes catering orders for the most delicious dressing and giblet gravy.  It’s $6.99/quart and a quart feeds 6-7 people.  If we got a large tray of it with 9 quarts, that would be $67.95 plus tax for about 60 people.  The gravy would be about $10, so we proposing spending close to $150 for the turkey, dressing and gravy, then members supply the side dishes/desserts.  Unless, we have members who are willing to make the dressing?  We have plenty of plates, cutlery, napkins and drinks left over from our prior two October lunches.

PLEASE LET ME HEAR FROM YOU ASAP ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN BRING!  Once I know we have plenty of member participation to go forward with this, I will print the flyers and get them out all over the courthouse/dropboxes, etc.


* Please mark your calendars.  We will have potluck at my house, 912 Pinecrest Drive and asking attendees (members and guests) to bring NICE $15 gifts to exchange in the Dirty Santa game.  More details to follow later!

BRANDI HILL UPDATE:  I flew with Brandi this past Monday, November 11th to Nashville…we were again flown by the fabulous organization PILOTS FOR CHRIST, and Brandi just got a call this afternoon from the Immune Specialist stating that her labs look great, he was quite surprised looking very sad for Brandi when we left him Monday, because he felt sure she has CVID and could not be listed for transplant.  However, today, the labs look great and after she goes back on December 9th, she should have the final results and diagnosis.  Please continue to pray…NO CVID!!!  Brandi is on Cloud 9 right now!  Praise the Lord!

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